The new has worn off the 2008 golf season and it's now time to make the annual admission that, once again, your golf game is not living up to your expectations. Why don't you do something this year that will actually make you a better player?But what can you do? C'mon, you know the answer, and it involves words like practice, lessons, focus, practice, and (as you will recall from last week's column) buying hybrid clubs.

And did I mention practice? To help you with the practice part, I am providing you with some basic information about local driving ranges. You'll find that some are better groomed than others, some give you more balls for the buck, and some have teaching pros on site to give lessons. But all have the essentials: balls, mats, and a big field into which you hit golf balls, which is called practice!

Coincidentally, Fred Shriner, director of the Brandywine Valley Golf Improvement Center, which is co-located with the "Tee It Up at Ten" practice facility, is hosting the by-invitation-only grand opening of his center today, July 10. Shriner said, "The public is invited Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. to enjoy free hot dogs, refreshments, and demonstrations of my swing analysis technology."

Shriner will also be available to discuss the benefits of individualized club fitting and display his full line of Jack Nicklaus golf equipment.

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