Editor:The roads are getting thicker with traffic. And the speed of the traffic is faster - could we say feverish, frenetic, frantic? Excessive speeding, tailgating and road rage are all over. There is an epidemic of fearful driving on the roads and highways today. It is insane, unnecessary, and disturbing, and it needs cured.

The typical excuses to speed are: mom taking her children to/from daycare around her eight-hour job. Many people are working two jobs to pay off debts. There are young men and older men fantasizing about NASCAR heroics. There are women proving they are as aggressive and independent as men.

No excuse makes sense in the light of life-ending collisions.

I usually drive a couple miles under the speed limit, which is my legal right. After all, the speed limits are maximums, not minimums. On the four-lanes I go the speed limit or a bit faster to stay closer to the flow. I rarely see police using radar to slow them down. In my quaint little village of Maytown, the posted speeds within 100 yards of our idyllic square are 15 mph. Yet most motorists fly around our monuments in the center at 30 mph.

An old maxim goes: "A stitch in time saves nine." And, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

They both apply to fast driving. It's obvious from fatal auto accident statistics, that high speed is usually the causative factor. A ton of bad consequences can be avoided by reasonable, safe, speed-limited driving.

I would like to say to my bumper tailgaters: get a life (save a life), keep a safe distance, leave earlier, slow down, relax, don't stress yourself driving too fast and get there safely. Police, please do speed checks and traps more often. And judges, please sentence speeders to walking two miles so they appreciate how fast cars are compared to walking.

Larry Garber


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