Medication boxes installed in New Garden, Kennett

County officials inspect the medication drop box located in the Sheriff's Office at the Chester County Justice Center, including (from left to right): Cathy Dugan from Kacie's Cause, Lt. Kevin Dykes of the Chester County Detectives, Sheriff Carolyn B. Welsh, District Attorney Tom Hogan, State Representative Becky Corbin, and Luis Tovar from Kacie's Cause.

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the installation of medication collection boxes across Chester County. The collection boxes allow for the safe disposal of unwanted or expired prescription medication.

Hogan stated, 'These boxes are a Christmas gift to Chester County from law enforcement. Citizens can safely dispose of prescription drugs, keeping drugs out of the hands of our children and out of our water. Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in America. Chester County law enforcement is committed to reducing drug abuse and keeping our environment safe.'

State Representative Becky Corbin has been a strong voice in support of this program. Representative Corbin stated, 'Law enforcement across Chester County supports the medication collection program. This is the type of proactive program the community needs to help prevent addiction so that more lives are not destroyed by drug abuse.'

Parkesburg Borough Police Chief Brian Sheller, the President of the Chester County Police Chiefs Association, stated, 'Prescription drug abuse is rampant among young adults in Pennsylvania. And too often, prescription drugs are a gateway to using illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine.'

Citizens can anonymously dispose of their medications in the boxes, which are designed like mailboxes. The program encourages people to remove expired or unwanted medication from their homes. Removing such medication reduces access to addictive drugs for accidental or intentional misuse by individuals, especially children. The medication disposal boxes also offer an environmentally safe, accessible, and convenient method of disposing of medication instead of placing dangerous drugs in the trash or sewer systems.

In Chester County, Kacie's Cause has been a strong proponent of the drop boxes. Kacie's Cause is an organization dedicated to stopping heroin abuse among young people. The group was founded by Andy Rumford, whose daughter Kacie died from a heroin overdose.

The medication collection boxes were obtained by the Chester County District Attorney's Office through a grant from the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, and the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. The program will be administered by the police departments where the boxes are located and supervised by the Chester County Detectives.

Locally, the boxes are at: Kennett Square Borough Police Department 115 N. Broad Street Kennett Square.

New Garden Township Police Department 8934 Gap Newport Pike Landenberg.

District Attorney Hogan added, 'The front line in the war on drugs has shifted from the dangerous street corners in the rough part of town to the medicine cabinet in your home. More people die every year in the United States from prescription drug abuse than from illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. Safely disposing of dangerous medications will save lives. These medication collection boxes are part of the District Attorney's comprehensive effort to attack drug issues, including locking up dealers, treating addicts through Drug Court, and supporting Good Samaritan legislation to protect people who report overdoses.'

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