The McCain campaign is taking us over the bridge to nowhere. It's not just that I have to contend with being represented by Joe six-pack and Joe the Plumber, but now I also have to contemplate whether I live in a pro or anti-American pocket of our country. If this means putting country first, I'd hate to see what really happens under a McCain-Palin administration.By repeatedly associating words such as "dangerous", "socialist", and "terrorist" when referring to Obama, the McCain-Palin campaign has consequently characterized Obama not as a worthy opponent, but as an enemy of the state. This vitriolic propaganda aimed against Obama and his supporters speaks volumes about the morality of the right wing. Not only are they exploiting the ignorance of a large segment of our population, they are ultimately undermining the very principles of their own party. Why else would Republicans like Colin Powell and Ken Adelman endorse the Democratic nominee for president?

If this is how McCain and Palin run their campaign, then how will they ever unite our country? Their propaganda is incredibly dangerous, and the harm they have imparted on the American public is shameful. Should Obama win the election we will still have to deal with those Americans drowning in a sea of propaganda-inspired fear.

Aren't we ready to take our country in a positive direction? One infused not with fear and lies, but with hope. One that doesn't cater to just the wealthy top five percent, and the large corporations, but to the masses of hard working citizens who constitute the long forgotten middle class. I'm urging everyone to get out and vote on Nov. 4. Forget the polls and remember that every vote counts. Our future and our country depend on it.

Shane Morgan

New Garden Township

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