I am sad to say that a proposal has been submitted to London Grove Township applying for conditional use of prime agricultural land for 98 mushroom houses and massive 16-acre composting facility. Superior Growers L.P.'s plan includes paving over our prime farm land, building huge mushroom houses and housing for employees, installing repair and storage buildings, building a truck station, and setting up several acres of steaming substrate preparation areas that to date do not include any engineering controls to ensure odor and storm water runoff do not impact our drinking and surface waters. I believe that industrial scale composting is not farming this proposed use is industrial sized with serious risks and consequences if allowed to happen.At the latest hearing on Tuesday evening, the applicant's traffic engineer submitted some information and testimony regarding the impact this facility will have on our community. I was unconvinced by the arguments that potential truck and vehicular traffic would not significantly affect the safety of our community. I don't need to be a traffic engineer to understand that two eight foot wide vehicles (not including the mirrors) in opposing lanes cannot pass safely traveling the speed limit of 45 mph on N. Guernsey Rd. The road is simply not wide enough. Widening of the road to allow for this increased truck traffic will only encourage an increase above and beyond the outrageous speeds already traveled on this road.

Please come out and support the community in opposing this proposed use. The next meeting is on March 19 at 7 p.m. at the London Grove Township building.

Dave Connors

West Grove

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