I listened to the last CNN debate via Tune in Radio online, which has radio stations you can get from all over the world, online via your computer or smart phone, since none of our local radio stations carried the radio coverage of the debate. I don’t get CNN on my TV. Here are my thoughts on that debate. Remember I’m not a Democrat nor a Republican, but an Independent Centrist voter.

This last debate was a big night for both Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, the two other Democrat candidates who, like Joe Biden, are moderates. Mayor Pete really explained his points of view, in an intelligent, well thought out analysis that made the youngest candidate, quite often, seem like the adult in the room. Both Buttigieg and Klobuchar challenged Liz Warren and Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All plan with style, grace, conviction, and a bottom line logic, that was difficult to ignore.

Mayor Pete’s medical plan, is similar to Biden's in that he wants both a government run and a private enterprise run plan, unlike Sander’s and Warren who want to eliminate the private sector. Buttigieg and Klobuchar favor a plan that allows the American citizen to pick which healthcare plan they’d take, and not be forced onto the government run plan, as Bernie’s Medicare for All plan would do. Mayor Pete calls his plan Medicare for All Who Want It. Buttigieg said that he believes folks would eventually migrate over to the government plan, as it would be a better plan and more affordable, etc., and that the people should be allowed to make that choice.

Both Biden’s Obamacare 2.0 and Mayor Pete’s Medicare for All Who Want It plans make more sense both money wise, and something that can be done far faster than Bernie and Liz's Medicare for All plan, with the bonus of not forcing folks to give up their insurance plan. I listened to interviews with both Mayor Pete, and Senator Klobuchar, after the debate, on CNN radio.

They both definitely seem to have a "heart" for the little guy. Buttigieg said, he wants to unify the nation, not help keep it divided. In one sense he reminds me of a JFK type person, in how he might approach leading the nation.

The weekend, after that debate, there was a CNN program that was at an LBGTQ+ Townhall, that a number of the DEM candidates participated in by responding to questions from folks present and CNN moderator Anderson Cooper. In response to a question asked by Cooper, Beto [Robert Francis] O'Rourke said that if he were President, he'd take away tax exempt status from any churches that would not marry gays. Anderson Cooper and Cory Booker agreed with Beto.

Interestingly, Mayor Pete, who is gay and married to a man, and Liz Warren did not agree with Beto. Both made statements, to the press, that said that sort of action by the government would be wrong. It would not be the correct thing to do, not just to churches, but to temples, mosques, and synagogues that chose to not marry gays. Mayor Pete and Liz Warren are correct, because that would be a violation of any church's 1st Amendment right to believe and practice their religious faith as they believed.

This doesn't mean that a church, mosque, temple, or synagogue would be allowed to not feed, clothe, or help, via their ministries, any person because the person was LGBTQ+. That would be discrimination and is not protected by the 1st Amendment.

Only in terms of marrying and ordaining, into the ministry, as a Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, etc., which is religious belief based on what their respective Holy Books and Doctrine teach. So, Mayor Pete and Liz got it right, Beto, Cory, and Anderson Cooper did not.

I think a Buttigieg / Klobuchar or Klobuchar / Buttigieg ticket might be able to get votes from the moderate / centrist Independents and moderate Republicans [who do not want Trump to have a second term], plus moderate Democrats. His energy was good. If he could get the black DEM voters, he'd be a real force to contend with, in terms of the DEM nomination and election.

That might be Buttigieg’s Achilles Heel. What the mainstream media ignores, as the cause for the lack of black support, is due to Buttigieg being a practicing homosexual. The black church is rather conservative in their spiritual interpretation of the Bible, and there is nowhere in the Bible where God now says being an active homosexual is no longer a sin. So, maybe the bigger question that needs to be asked is, can a Buttigieg / Klobuchar ticket win without the black vote?

The nation is worn out from all the craziness of the Trump Presidency and want a solid leader who will work for the People. I get that vibe from both Buttigieg and Klobuchar. So, maybe the DEMS will not go off the deep end with Bernie and Liz, and their fellow extremists, on the far left, who want to make the US a Socialist nation; but instead go with some level headed moderates like Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. If the DEMS go the Bernie or Liz route, that will probably give Trump, who won’t be impeached, a second term.

Mike Cannatelli’s column appears every other week in the print edition of the Avon Grove Sun and The Kennett News.
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