Part of the Unionville Fair each year is a baking contest. They have 4 categories apple pie, chocolate cake, angel food cake and cookies. The results are judged by local well known cooks and interesting bakers is high. This year’s entries were beautifully decorated and presented for judging. The audience was very envious of the judges being able to taste such attractive goodies. Winners will compete state wide at the Penn Farm Show.

The winners as chosen by the judges:

Angel Food Cake:

Emily Cwyk and Cindy Wellace.

Chocolate Cake Winners

Terry Hawkins,  Lindsay Pomponi and Robin Liebold.

Apple Pie

Jodie Rosenthal-Young,  Leona Provinski, Anna/Mellisa Cornacchio, Troy W. Ray


Cookies, Brownies, Bars

Addison Pomponi, Adeline Christian, Alex Baird.

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