PENN—During the public comment portion of the Thurs., Aug. 22 Avon Grove School Board meeting, Penn Township resident Stephen Pye encouraged other senior citizens to volunteer in the school district.

An existing program in the district allows seniors to volunteer up to 50 hours per school year, and receive compensation at a rate of $10 per hour to help offset their property tax bills. In a case such as a husband and wife, each could volunteer for a maximum total of $1,000.

Pye has participated in the program working with first grade students and special ed students. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. A background check is required.

“My mission is to inform as many people in my township as possible, to let them know that if you can’t afford your tax increases you can get a check for volunteering,” Pye said. “There are all kinds of opportunities.”

This year there are 5082 students registered to attend school this fall, the highest number since Superintendent Christopher Marchese came to Avon Grove. Of those 330 are kindergarten students, the largest number since the district has gone to full day kindergarten.

The district will hold an Act 34 hearing related to the planned new high school on Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the High School. The hearing is part of the state’s Plan Con requirements for possible reimbursment of expenses. Only the scope of the project that is reimbursable will be covered at the hearing. There will be no board action or vote, but there will be an opportunity for public comment.

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