EAST MARLBOROUGH — More than 50 people holding signs like “Kava-Nope,” and “Think of your Daughter” gathered to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court Wednesday afternoon, chanting “Make America Nice Again.” There were three counter-protesters, one holding a huge Trump sign.

“Kavanaugh will have the deciding vote and the only reason Republicans – in my opinion – are sticking with him is because Kavanaugh has said he does not believe a sitting president can be indicted,” said Cynthia Rasemas. “He is Trump’s get out of jail free card.”

A vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court could come as early as Friday, once the FBI completes its investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against him. When the investigation ends, the White House will then give a copy of the FBI report to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where it will be kept from being leaked to the public while allowing all 100 senators to read it.

Wayne Braffman, who heads up the Kennett Area Democrats and who helped to organize the rally, said he was pleased to see so many people attend.

“There is really nice numbers out here,” Braffman said. “If we can convert this on Nov. 6, we are in good shape. We’ve done these demonstrations and we have never had this many people. We usually get 15 or 20 on a good day. The frequency of horn-honking is easily triple today.”

People in cars honked constantly during the two-hour demonstration that took place at the intersection of routes 926 and 82. East Marlborough police kept a watchful eye on the crowd, ensuring that the protesters and counter-protesters did not tangle.

“We are here because we truly want to make America great again by getting rid of prejudice and making sure we have Supreme Court justices with integrity,” said Marice Bezdek. “Kavanaugh has shown he has no integrity by lying during his confirmation hearings.”

Cyndia Losco said the rally was all about protecting women.

“We are here on behalf of women who are survivors,” she said. “We are not for Kavanaugh. I don’t believe he is pro-women.”

Jennifer Elam of Media said Kavanaugh should be disqualified because she believes he lied under oath, which is a felony.

“I want a better role model for our children,” she said. “A Supreme Court justice needs to be non-partisan. We need better. We deserve better.”

Stacy Salamon of Avondale watched the Kavanaugh hearings and she said she was not impressed with him.

“The hearings showed us he does not have the temperament to be a Supreme Court justice,” Salamon said. “He came off as angry and entitled. Even across the aisle, I think Republicans and Democrats agree that he is partisan. I don’t think we can put him on the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment.”

Braffman said he is confident the protest will make a difference.

“We can’t lower the bar on what makes a qualified justice,” he said. “We have to have the highest standards and the entire country has to respect and accept their decisions. This candidate is flawed and half the country does not believe in him. His nomination needs to be withdrawn.”

The three counter-protesters holding Trump signs refused to be interviewed for this story. But they got some support from two teens in a new black Ford Mustang, who raised a clenched fist in support, and sped off smoking their tires.

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