Radium Girls

Kennett High students gave a remarkable performance of The Radium Girls.


Few People have heard of the “Radium Girls”, the name of the play given the other week by the students at Kennett High School. With stage direction by Nance Weber and production Management by Katie Sookup the strong performance by the actors evoked audience contracted stillness.

The real Radium Girls were female workers who, during WWI painted watch faces with radium on the numerals so time could be read in the dark. To keep the brushes bristles in place for this delicate work, the girls kept the bristles aligned by putting them in their mouths from time to time.

The girls began to get sick and die over after years. The government officials and the company doctors and officials continued to assure the girls radium was not harmful and refused to adequately compensate the victims in the end this was remedied and they were compensated. It makes one wonder whether or not they remembered how Madame Curie the scientist who discovered Radium died (She did die from Radium poisoning.) Radium was at that time believed to be harm less and it was being sold as products such as Radium water and radium cosmetics.

The cast of the play gave such a powerful performance it kept the audience riveted to the story even with the undistinguished set of chairs and tables. The cast received a well-deserved standing action for this powerfully presented production.

Members of the very large cast who in many cases played multiple roles. Marisol Gonzalez Flores, Ryan Myers, Josette Wynn, Stephanny Gheen-Regouski, Leah Wardwell, Sylvia He, Catt Seamon, Thomas Linderman, Justin McAndrew, Julia Haenn, Lydia Duckworth, Diana Giganti Dima, Robby Rauscher, Ksenia Kaliakin, Luke Sandusky, Noah Schiller, Christian Adam, Bladen Strzalka, Faith Poulton, Paulie Mullin and Lainee Foester.

They presented a bad moment in US History beautifully. It was a splendid presentation.

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