In the film version of “On Golden Pond” the continuing conflict between father and daughter had a mellowness about it as played by Henry Fonda and daughter Jane. In the Bristol Riverside performances as directed by Susan Atkinson the parts of the Father (Keith Baker) and daughter (Eleanor Handley) were much more contentious.

Norman (the father) was an irritable old man and Chelsey (the daughter) was always on guard and looking for a “slight”.

One of the main continuing conflicts had been the Chelsey had never had the courage to do a “black flip” off of the clock. This had apparently poisoned their relationship.

The play was not a strained relationship all of the time. There were funny instances such as when Norman opens the screen door early in the season and it falls apart in his hands, (a typical event when opening a cottage for the summer). Jeanne Lehman, as the wife Ethel, was highly amusing as she patronized Norman to try to get him into a better mood. Best of all were the loud, explosive bursts of laughter emitted from Michael Satow as Charlie Martin the postman almost every time he opened his mouth.

Central to the story was the change in attitudes as the grandson (Henry Parker) changed from a sassy belligerent teenager to a likeable “kid” as he and his Grandfather became “fishing buddies” while his mother was in Paris marring her boyfriend Bill (Danny Vaccaro). The summer ends as they close the cottage for the season with everyone in a better need.

The play runs until Feb. 10, 2019. For tickets call (215) -785-0100.

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