WEST CHESTER–A unnamed suspect is in custody after several women complained about a peeper at Schmidt Hall, on the West Chester University campus, according to a university Facebook posting.

At approximately 6 p.m., Friday night, a male entered a female bathroom. The male wearing a black hat and purple WCU polo, with a goatee, pulled back shower curtains and observed women bathing.

He then closed the curtains and left.

Another female said the same suspect entered her residence hall room and asked if she wanted company. When she said “No” he left and went to another room where he asked the same question.

At 8:28 p.m., the WCU Facebook site reported that a suspect was detained and in the custody of university police.

Meanwhile, additional patrols have been sent to dorms across the campus. A spokesperson for West Chester University police said police acted quickly, and no one was harmed.

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