A meme I saw on Facebook, from US Democratic Socialists, had a photo of actress Chelsea Handler, my wife knew who this was, with the caption that read: “Just a friendly reminder for the weekend, no white after Labor Day, and no old white racist men, after the midterms. Get out and vote.”

As a registered Democrat older white man, that meme offended the heck out of me and really torqued my jaws. That meme is twisted thinking, as it is sexist, racist, and ageist as it makes a stereotype of all older white men. So, Ms. Handler’s view appears to be that white older men are the Democratic Party’s enemy and that the US Democratic Socialists agree. What I find amazing is that any other time, a racist, sexist meme or comment is posted on Facebook, there’s a large hue and cry about it. Funny, I’ve seen nothing. So, my conclusion is, that in Democratic progressive circles, it is OK to make racist, sexist, and ageist comments about older white guys. Sadly, that speaks volumes of where the Democratic Party appears to be headed.

Apparently, it is no longer the party of FDR [Franklin D. Roosevelt] or JFK [John F. Kennedy]. It is no longer the party with the big tent where all are welcome as older white men are now being given the boot. If that is the case then the GOP has found the Democratic Party's Achilles Heel. They are allowing the extreme left-wing part, of the Democratic Party, to tell them who can and cannot serve, as a Democrat, in Congress. Their plan is to challenge all the older Democrat white guys, who are currently serving in Congress and replace them with far more extreme progressives. This should remind Republicans of the foolish thing their party did, a few elections ago, when the TEA Party mounted challenges to their loyal GOP folks, in Congress. The TEA Party felt that loyal GOP folks, like Delaware’s Mike Castle, wasn’t conservative enough, so, they challenged him, in the GOP primary, and their challenger won. The “I’m not a witch” candidate, Christine O’ Donnell, lost that election and with-it Delaware’s only GOP person in Congress. Like Delaware, most folks, in the US, are generally moderates who lean left or right, but are not extremists, so the Democratic Party might be setting itself up to become a more extreme party thus pushing away voters who are not willing to be as extreme as Chelsea Handler and the US Democratic Socialists.

Senator Tom Carper is one of the few, who managed to not lose his primary challenge, so far. Maybe Delaware Democrats remember what happened to the Delaware GOP when they booted out Mike Castle. Kerrie Harris, Carper’s challenger, like the other extreme progressive challengers, all want $15 per hour minimum wage, to be implemented immediately, if not sooner.

She also wants free college, existing student debt eliminated, and a host of other free things that the tax payer would end up paying for. Carper, while not against the $15 per hour minimum wage wisely said, that it would have to be raised in steps, not all at once, because to do so would seriously hurt the mom and pop businesses thus causing serious layoffs. Such a drastic wage increase would cause prices to soar meaning the mom and pop businesses would lose a major part of their customer base forcing many out of business. That’s the difference between someone who is a bit older, who has experience. Pie in the sky thinking is nice, but is not reality. The other point is, the Senate is not an entry level position. So, how many of these progressive challengers have any experience in any government elected work? Ms. Harris, had none.

My conclusion is, that it would appear that folks like me, older white men, are no longer welcomed or valued in today's Democratic Party. Thanks for the head's up. It’s a great thing to be a part of a team, but it really stinks, when you’ve worked hard for a team and find out, you’re not wanted, but are just being used. Funny, as much as the Democratic Party blathers on about stopping sexist and racist stuff, they turn a blind eye when it’s directed towards older white men.

So, I'll have to start seriously looking at GOP and third-party candidates as the Democratic Party no longer represents me at all and appears to have no desire to want to represent me. So, in answer to Chelsea Handler’s meme, maybe after the midterm elections there won't be any older white guys still voting as Democrats. We can take a hint and will take our votes, our lawn signs, and dollars somewhere else.

Mike Cannatelli’s column appears every other week in the print edition of the Avon Grove Sun and The Kennett News.

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