NEW GARDEN—New Garden Township is a recipient of the DVRPC Transportation and Community Development Initiative grant to fund the engineering of a Streetscape and Transportation Improvement Plan in the Village of Toughkenamon.

The project will create a schematic streetscape plan and identify areas where improvements can be made to the severely lacking available transportation and mobility in the Village of Toughkenamon, as well as improve aesthetics, housing diversity, investment and community revitalization.

The plan will provide for a mixed-use business corridor along Newark Road, Baltimore Pike and Main Street that will focus on development with sidewalks, ADA considerations, safe routes to public transportation, crosswalks, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, a park and overall beautification of the Village that will attract investors, visitors and economic growth potential. The Plan will focus on sidewalks that connect to business, public spaces and public transportation to promote residential revitalization and provide for alternative transportation mobility.

McMahon Transportation Engineers & Planners, together with Thomas Comitta & Associates will work with a selected Committee made up of volunteers, elected officials and Township staff. This committee will be established to communicate through public meetings, surveys and plan review periods, with community partners, businesses and residents to ensure that priorities are identified to create a safe, walkable community where residents and businesses thrive. The plan should identify zoning changes necessary to invite stakeholders and developers to invest in the village of Toughkenamon’s housing quality, diversity, affordability and business growth and retention.

Inquire to or 610-268-2915 with interest or questions.

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