Brandywine River Museum

Children of all ages enjoy the model train exhibit at Brandywine River Museum.

There is no question that boys of every age love model trains and the Brandywine River Museum has quite a showcase. From the almost endless 118 car train to the compact trains that were the toys of Nicholas Wyeth, they are certainly a crowd pleaser.

Admittedly, there were more grown men standing in admiration than two feet tall little boys standing mesmerized, just confirms that trains are king at the art museum. They even have a scavenger hunt for visitors to find items in the layout including a motorcycle, a helicopter, a Ferris wheel and a NASA space shuttle.

Circling overhead, Santa Claus flies through the night in a sleigh pulled by his faithful reindeer. The famous critters made from natural materials are on display in numerous locations throughout the museum and a big assortment is for sale in the gift shop. The trees are decorated with everything thought of by the volunteers. These include characters from children’s books and many characters from Sesame Street such as Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird. Also present are a critter in a boat, a reindeer, teddy bears and more than you can imagine.

The most celebrated item made several years ago was Noah’s Ark, displaying pairs of animals from elephants to skunks and snakes, which is showcased in its own glass enclosure. Not to be overlooked is the marvelous collection of paintings by NC Wyeth and pupils of early Brandywine River artists. All of the Christmas trees were loaded with critters, even the three story tree in the atrium.

The volunteers outdid themselves this year and the exhibit is fun for the young and old. The museum opens at 9:30 every morning and closes at 4. It’s worth seeing again even if you have visited during Christmas before.

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