KENNETT SQUARE—With her husband working, Michelle Lewis wanted to take her two children, Charlotte, 3, and Hayden, 1, trick or treating, but didn’t want kids to come to an empty house. So she decided to leave a big pumpkin filled with candy on her porch, with a note that read: “Happy Halloween from the Lewis family. Please take a piece of candy.”

She left her home in Penn Woods, a 300-unit townhouse development in Kennett Square, around 6 p.m., and returned an hour later to refill the orange pumpkin bucket with candy.

But when she returned, close to 8:30 p.m., the bucket had no candy in it, and she noticed four teenage boys at the bucket. As she was walking toward her house, she saw one of the boys grab three huge handfuls of candy from his bag and dump it all into the bucket. She heard him say, “Now the kids who come to this house will have candy.”

“I told htem that I have candy in my house, and I went in and got some candy,” Lewis said. “I gave six or seven pieces of candy to the four boys in the group.”

Lewis was giving out fun-sized bars of Snickers, Milky Way, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey’s milk chocolate bars.

“It really touched me because I think teenagers get a little grief for going out trick-or-treating,” she said. “Some people frown on that. But he took candy out of his own bag and put it in my bucket so the next kids could have candy. It was so selfless, and genuine, and kind, and I was taken aback by it.”

Lewis posted he experience on social media, and got favorable feedback.

“It’s so wonderful to post this especially since such a big deal was made out of age limits on trick or treating,” said Michele Delduco. “There are more good than bad in this world. Very sweet kids.”

Said Candace Cagle Tracy: “Wow, so amazing and exactly how I wish my sons to be when they grow up. I hope this boy’s parents get to hear this story.”

And Michele Freeman Pratt: “This is an amazingly uplifting story. There are great teens out there.”

Lewis said it made her Halloween special.

“I only wish I got his name because I think his parents would be so proud of him,” she said. “If that were my kid, I would be so incredibly proud. In a world that can be full of so much hate, it’s beautiful when you can witness the good.”

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