Local Girl Scouts celebrate international culture

Girl Scouts celebrate the 20th annual World Thinking Day.

KENNETT SQUARE—Over 300particpants celebrated recently at the local Girl Scouts 20th Annual World Thinking Day. This year’s theme highlighted the diversity, equity, and inclusion reflected in the Girl Scout and Girl Guide movement, and calls attention to the ways that girls can work to make their world a more equitable and inclusive place.

Twenty-three countries were represented this year. Each country had educational displays and food to share. Hungary had Hungarian goulash, Chile and Argentina had churros, Belgium had a chocolate fountain, while Switzerland had cheese and Iceland had yogurt.

Hungary entertained with a traditional folk dance while South Korea charmed the crowds with a traditional Korean folk song and a South Korean danced to modern k-pop wearing BTS shirts. Eleven countries had the most ingenious crafts to make. Italy had Italian chef hats and the Netherlands had windmills, while England asked the girls to write notes to their Girl guides in that country.

This year, a station was dedicated to refugees who are persons who flee to a foreign country or power to escape danger or persecution. A special collection of toiletries and socks was initiated this year for the many refugees in Europe.

The girls also wrote Thank you letters to military personnel overseas who will be receiving cookies donated by the community as part of the Brandywine Valley Girls Scouts service project Operation Cookie Drop.

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