camp dreamcatcher

Patty Hillkirk (third from right) accepts a check from representatives from local civic clubs.

KENNETT SQUARE—No longer will volunteers be needed to haul supplies from Kennett Square for Camp Dreamcatcher.

This week, construction of a permanent shed at Camp Saginaw in Oxford was completed. Funding came from The Longwood Rotary Club, The Greater West Chester Sunrise Foundation, the Westtown-Goshen Rotary Foundation and Dennis Wallace.

“Now we won’t have to back and forth all the time and we won’t have to lug all of our supplies to Camp Saginaw,” said Patty Hillkirk, founder of Camp Dreamcatcher, which provides fun and therapeutic escape for underprivileged children dealing with a host of issues, especially HIV/AIDS.

Earlier this year, Camp Dreamcatcher lost almost $9,000 worth of supplies following flooding at a garage on Cedar Street in Kennett Square. For the past 23 years, the garage was used as a storage facility for summer camp at Camp Saginaw in Oxford, in which more than 200 children attend.

“The current storage facility had a leaking rook, and supplies were getting ruined,” said Tammy Duering, president of the Longwood Rotary Club. “We figured we would just help out to put a shed there.”

Hillkirk said the $5,000 total donation from the local civic organizations and individuals will make life much better for the children.

“The positive impact this will make on the kids’ lives is immense,” Hillkirk said.

At Camp Saginaw, Camp Dreamcatcher campers, age 5 to 17, enjoy horseback riding, go-kart racing, swimming, arts/crafts, miniature golfing, concerts, boating, basketball, tennis, volleyball, a camp-wide carnival, cooking and an annual dance and talent show during week-long activities.

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