I’ve been to almost every Board of Supervisors meeting the last couple of years and I’m astounded at what has occurred in this Township. This Board and my opponent in the coming November election, Richard Leff, ran on transparency, fairness and balance in government, yet the residents get no check to their unchallenged power and nearly every vote is 3-0, with Supervisors disregarding concerns about tax increases and out of control spending. This is not how government is supposed to work.

We all received the letter from the Board of Supervisor regarding the Investigation of fraudulent transactions that the District Attorney’s office has now initiated. We’ve learned that longtime Township resident, employee and Manager, Lisa Moore, is now on paid administrative leave with no explanation. The Board of Supervisors made her look guilty by their public action which may well become a problem on its own. We are left with no understanding as to the scope of the problem or how long it has gone on.

Was it for a few thousand dollars or $500k? Surely they could give us a range, after all it is our tax money. So much for transparency.

They passed a motion so only the 3 Supervisors can sign off on checks moving forward with no checks and balances, achieving their full control over taxpayer money. A resident asked the Supervisors if anyone has a financial background and Chairman Scudder Stevens replied, “All 3 of us have financial backgrounds.” We know that’s not true. There needs to be an independent outside audit review on an ongoing basis since this Board has demonstrated their inability to manage finances.

Openness and Transparency are great words for campaign years, but actually implementing them in governing is a whole different issue. Where was all the transparency and communication to the residents when this Board unanimously passed a 475% local tax increase that we suffered through? This is one of the worst examples of government overspending in the country.

Here are some other examples of their performance:

- Millions in cash reserves are spent down from $10million to under $3million

- Police are everywhere and the costs and taxes will only increase

Other examples:

- Purchased and remodeled a house at Cypress & McFarlan Road with no plan how it will be used

- Wasted our tax dollars on taking ownership of Chandler Mill Bridge from the County who would have re-built it at no cost to the Township. It remains closed today sending all the traffic to 5-points where new improvements are now being considered by the Board at tax payer expense

Crime rates and incidents have gone up since 2015, taxes have spiked, and now there is another financial mess to live through? Time and time again this Board has demonstrated their inability to use common sense with their financial decisions. We can do better. You deserve a change and a voice of reason. I am dedicated to making government run efficiently and effectively, keeping taxes and regulations to a minimum while promoting a safe, healthy and vibrant environment for all citizens. I want to earn your vote. If you honor me with your support, I promise to give you true transparency, balance this Board, and keep this government in check for all of us.

Hunter Tower

Kennett Township

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