KENNETT SQUARE—Kennett Square Mayor Matt Fetick said in December, the borough met with PennDOT to discuss safety advances for the crosswalk in front of the Friends Home in Kennett, on State Street which is a state road, across from the Market at Liberty Place.

He said having PennDOT on site to review the location was helpful as state representatives were able to see firsthand trucks and other vehicles continue to drive through the crosswalk.

“We could see that nobody stopped,” the mayor said. Of PennDOT, he added, “It was really great having them there.”

Ideas are being pondered for solutions. As a state road, Fetick said, it is ultimately PennDOT’s decision on how to enhance the safety of the crosswalk, including with the possible addition of hanging overhead lights.

Also the mayor told the council that the borough had received a score of complaints after receiving warning citations for not shoveling their sidewalks after recent snowfalls in the community.

The mayor and police chief are now developing a plan moving forward to address their concerns and plans to amend the current ordinance sometime in the near future.

The Kennett Square Borough Council will next meet 7 p.m. March 2. The public is invited to attend, virtually via Zoom.

The elected officials listen to residents during public comment at the beginning of each meeting in Kennett Square.

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