In these pandemic days, every Thursday morning from 10am to noon, there is a Zoom forum gathering called the Kennett InterGen Community Coffee Klatch. The invitation to join is open to any person who has an interest in the Kennett community. (See contact information below)

The brainchildwas one that came out of meetings six years ago when a diverse age group, who called themselves InterGen was meeting to explore ways to socially bring together the spectrum of age groups.

Roberta Eldridge shared the story of living in New York City with a favorite experiencebeing one of showing up at a coffee shop and having social interactions with whomever shows up. The name”Kaffeeklatsch” came to mind and the Kennett community process was born!

At that time, an invitation was sent out via Historic Kennett Squareand the newspapers and the first gathering was delightful. We even had a resident from West Grove, Carolee Kiernan showing up and becoming a “regular.” The common thread is that everyone cares about the Kennett area community and all have information, life stories and experiences to share.

It seems everyone enjoys having a community conversation about the way things are going locally and globally and having different age groups attendingbrings diverse insights and an opening to understanding different values and viewpoints.

The word about the Kennett Klatch gathering has spread by mouth and to this day we have “regulars” and new faces appearing with ages ranging between 7 to 88 years.

Granted, more retired community members are free to join during the work week, but throughout this time, we have been fortunate to have persons spend their early work lunch hour with us, or college students attending when they are on break, or a grandparent showing up with a grandchild.

Up until March 2020, the meeting place was The Market at Liberty Place, which not only suited the group, but fulfilled the purpose of this facility---a community gathering space with coffee and food amenities to enjoy. Mary Pat’s coffee and breakfast choices are favorites! We are looking forward to the day when we will return.

At the Market, the Klatch also attracted othervisitors, as with one mother, who was home schooling. In learning about this community interaction, she and the Klatchers agreed that it would be a nice experience to have her return with her children to share the products of their school projects with everyone. It was another highlight session of intergenerational interactions.

As soon as things were shut down due to the virus, we introduced the Zoom forum. It took a few weeks to take off but now, even the technology reluctant senior is learning how to dial in and enjoy the time when everyone is isolated. Mary Ann Piccard tells us that this is her only social interaction for the week. The invitation is given out by word of mouth and recently we have had some new visitors.

When the weather was warm, we met at several Klatchers home’s front yards, following the COVID guidelines and adding a Zoom meeting computer to the mix for those who still did not want to leave home.

One of the fun occurrences is having PJ Harris, a previous Kennett resident, now attend from her new home in North Carolina and the woman, Jill Lenihan, who purchased PJ’s home attend from Kennett. We are making new friends and now moving into national friends.

Kathy Rutledge and Joan Holliday take the lead to assure the Zoom invitation is sent and the Facebook page is up-to-date. After this, any community member who would like to join is welcomed. Please contact Joan Holliday at and you will receive the Zoom link.

One of Kennett’s strengths is its sense of “community.” It has been heart-warming to experience just this on Thursday mornings at the Klatch---I wouldn’t miss it!

The Story of Kennett may be purchased on Amazon and at the Mushroom Cap. Contact Joan Holliday at
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