Kennett Township gets $1.2 million grant to develop multi-use trails

Submitted photoKennett Township was awarded $1.2 million to develop a multi-use trail system.

In 2012 there was a community-wide grassroots organization called ACTIVATE Kennett Square that focused on exercising more, eating smarter, and creating a supportive environment for healthy living. One of the projects it took on was advocating for a safe paved trail for walking from Mill Rd at the edge of Kennett Square Borough to the New Garden Shopping Center.

This group initiated a meeting with Kennett Borough, New Garden Township and Kennett Township representatives, as all three municipalities landed on this designated trail.

At the meeting, we learned that the Chester County Planning Commission had an upcoming grant application for which all three townships were eligible. History told, it took close to 7years to bring the trail to completion with money contributions from the grant and all three municipalities.

One can see that it was a worthy project when one observes residents walking back and forth between Kennett and New Garden. It is a safe commuting trail for both going to work and shopping while also providing a supportive environment for exercise!

Today, we have another initiative that is being explored by a broadly represented group by both municipal and private organizations who are invested in open space. Led by the Chester County Planning Commission, this group through committee is studying the feasibility of a multimodal trail from the Brandywine Greenway all the way south to Nottingham County Park.

To that end, there is a survey in both English and Spanish asking about people’s trail usage and desire for a core route through the southern end that would connect to the various boroughs and major destinations. This is seen as a rather important trail for commuting and potentially highly beneficial for the mushroom industry and migrant workers.

So far, there are 7 responses to the Spanish survey and over 700 to the English survey. The goal is to get at least 100 Spanish language responses. It would also be a huge advantage to let the local community known that they can use the trail if it is built.

There is no requirement to submit names or any other identifying information. The survey is completely anonymous if you choose to skip those questions, but the survey needs to be taken in order to progress with further plans. The Planning Commission is working on where to put paper copies for those who may not have electronic access, but for those who can, the links are below.

Also, any teens can push it out to their friends and classmates, school organizations, etc. There is a low response rate from the younger age brackets and their input is valuable as well. Teens are the future and might use the trail for recreation or access or just see the benefit of having such a trail through the region. Please take the survey!

Here is a link to the English survey:

Here is a link to the Spanish survey:

A public meeting with Spanish captioning will be held online July 14th from 7-9 pm. Those interested in joining the meeting should register.

The Evenbrite link for English

The Eventbrite link for Spanish

Please help our community be represented through this survey and invite minority persons to bring their voices. Trails help promote walking/hiking and bicycling and an interconnected trail will amplify these activities and create opportunities for alternative commuting.

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