Finally, after a lot of speculation, former Vice President Joe Biden, officially announced that he is running for President in the 2020 election. Biden joins a crowded field of Democrats, who’ve already declared they are also running for President. Joe brings the number to 20 candidates on the DEM side.

The GOP side is less interesting as President Trump had declared he would be running for a second term with days of being inaugurated to his first term. As of this writing no other Republican has said they’d be running against Trump.

The big question the Democrats need to answer, before their primary season begins, is which of the 20 Democratic candidates can beat Donald Trump? This is a question I believe that most Democrats are not asking themselves. One negative to how primaries work, in most states, is only the party faithful can vote in that state’s primary.

These folks tend to be the real hardliners, be they Republicans or Democrats. So, they’ll tend to favor the more extreme candidates in their party, while ignoring the more nuanced and moderate candidates. They tend to forget that the object of an election is to win. Neither Democrats or Republicans have enough voters, in their respective party, to win the election. So, if the Democrats choose the most extremist, far left, Socialist candidate, to run against President Trump, there’s a very good chance that Trump will get a second term.

In the Hill-HarrisX poll, of registered voters, the day after Biden officially threw his hat into the ring of Presidential contenders, Joe Biden lead by 6 points over Trump. 43 percent said they would choose Joe Biden for President while 37 percent said they’d pick Trump. In that poll, 15 percent said they were unsure and 5 percent said they’d pick a different candidate. For several months prior to Biden officially saying he was running for President, he’s consistently been competitive with Trump.

Interestingly, in that Hill-HarrisX poll Trump has the strongest support from older voters over the age of 50 by a tiny margin of 43 to 42 percent over Biden. Joe Biden, on the other hand did far better with younger voters, aged 35-49, than Trump. 49 percent of that age group said they’d support Biden and only 32 percent would support Trump. Fifteen percent were unsure.

Biden also led Trump with the youngest voter block, those aged 18 to 34. 39% of this group said they’d vote for Biden and 33% said Trump, while 23 percent said they were not sure, with 5 percent picking another candidate.

Only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were picked, by the respondents on this poll, as being able to beat Trump, Biden with a 75 percent  chance and Sanders with a 64% chance. None of the other DEM candidates were selected as having any chance of beating President Trump.

One of the great appeals of Joe Biden is he offers normalcy. People want a normal President who knows how to do things, how the government works, and who has a lot of experience. One thing many people are now saying is the job of president is not an Entry Level position. Joe Biden fits that mindset very well.

The biggest obstacle I see for Biden is that his party, the Democrats, swung to the far left during the midterm election in 2018. They now have a crop of very young and inexperienced folks who have been getting the attention of the media, and the public. These folks are pulling the DEM party very far to the left and even some call themselves Socialists. They’re attempting to do what the TEA Party and Trump did, but our nation is not ready to become Denmark or Venezuela. So, if the DEM party truly endorses some of the extreme leftwing Socialistic programs, that the youngsters in their party want, Trump will easily win in 2020. Remember people vote their wallet.

The DEM party needs balance and moderation. Many of the ideas, the youngsters want, are not bad, but can’t be done in total overnight. The nation is weary of either side and their extremism. Most folks want more of a Moderate or Centrist approach. That’s where Joe Biden comes in. Biden is that moderate or centrist among those 20 DEM candidates.

Again, the objective of an election is to win. Last point, to win, the DEM candidate needs not the just the voters in the Metropolitan areas, but also in those rural flyover counties in states like PA, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, because as Hillary painfully learned in 2016, it is the Electoral College Vote that counts, not the Popular Vote. Biden is liked by the working class or blue collar workers. Biden isn't an elitist.

So, DEMS need to seriously consider making Joe Biden their 2020 Presidential Candidate, because Joe is your best chance to make Trump a one term President.

Mike Cannatelli’s column appears every other week in the print edition of the Avon Grove Sun and the Kennett News.

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