Anson Nixon park opening

Cutting the ribbon for the new entrance at Anson Nixon Park in Kennett Square are (from left): Doug Doerfler, Kennett Square councilor, Richard Lyons, member of KAPA, John Gaadt, KAPA board member, Terance Farrell, council commissioner; Michelle Kichline, county commissioner, Whitney Hoffman, Kennett Supervisor, and Drew Gilchrist, a member of DCNR.

KENNETT SQUARE—County commissioners, municipal leaders and representatives from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources were on hand Tuesday for the grand opening of the new entrance at Anson B. Nixon Park, and the upcoming opening of the dog park there.

“This is an example of what county commissioners have held near and dear to our hearts which is preservation of open space,” said Michelle Kichline, county commissioners. “Nearly 30 percent of Chester County is preserved through open space. This park provides a sense of community.”

More than $206,000 in funding from the DCNR was provided for the entrance road and the dog park. Kennett Township donated $148,000 and another $57,000 in funding was provided by the Chester County Open Space Preservation Program.

“I am very pleased that the DCNR was involved in this project to make the park safer and more accessible,” said Drew Gilchrist, a DCNR representative. “Investments in parks are investments in economic development. Parks produce jobs and wonderful places to live, and places to get away from the plugged-in world. And houses near this park improve in value.”

County Commissioner Terence Farrell said county officials are huge supporters of local parks.

“Parks not only are a great place to recreate, but open space adds to the mental and physical health of the residents who live nearby and who come here,” Farrell said. “Your residents will be healthier and happier and contribute to the health and happiness of Chester County. And with the opening of the dog park, that will add to that.”

Richard Lyons, a member of the Kennett Area Park Authority, said Anson Nixon Park has a new web site, new signage, a new community garden and new sewer lines.

Doug Doerfler, Kennett Square councilor, said the park, located at 405 North Walnut Street, is a huge asset to the borough.

“What this is all about is Anson Nixon saying we don’t want this to be a secret anymore, we want people to come here.”

Kennett Township supervisors have provided funding for the park for many years.

“It is great to have this resource for something that is cherished by all the people in this area,” said Richard Leff, Kennett supervisor.

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