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Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Mike Cannatelli

We live in what might be called an historic time. The Democrats have launched an Impeachment process on President Trump, because he admitted to making a phone call to the leader of the Ukraine, that might have been a violation of Federal Law. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is doing an investigation before the House votes on Impeachment. Many Democrats are doing cartwheels and are ready to pop the cork on some champagne as they assume Trump will be getting the boot very soon.

Many Republicans, on the other hand, are angry, and believe the Democrats are not playing fair and are using anything to impeach Trump. Many in the GOP, don’t believe he should be impeached, even if he violated Federal Law.

Consider these possible scenarios. If Trump is impeached, then VP Mike Pence would become the 46th President of the United States. I’d assume that Trump, rather than be impeached and kicked out of the Oval Office, making him the first President in our nation’s history to actually be given the boot, would instead choose to do the “Nixon – Ford Tango”.

If you recall, when President Nixon was facing impeachment, for Watergate, he made a deal with his VP, Gerald Ford, that he’d step down and Ford would become the President, but Ford would have to pardon Nixon of his crimes. Ford agreed and became President. So, if it looks like Trump would be impeached by both Houses of Congress, thus getting the boot, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance Trump would do the “Nixon-Ford Tango” with his VP, Mike Pence.

Another possible scenario involves VP Pence. There may be some evidence that Pence was also involved in the Ukraine issue and may have also violated Federal Law. If so, he too could face impeachment. This would be even more historic than if just Trump were to be impeached.

That would mean that the next person in the line of succession, to become President, would be the Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. This would be historic for a few reasons: First it would be the first time, in US history, that a Speaker of the House succeeded to the Presidency. As a woman, Speaker Pelosi would be the first female US President. As an Italian-American, Speaker Pelosi would also be the first Italian-American to become a US President. That would be quite a crowning achievement for her life long career, as a public servant.

If that were to happen, my guess is, a President Pelosi would only serve until January 2021 when the new President, would be inaugurated. She now is 79 years old. She had planned to retire in 2016, but when Trump became President, she decided to stay in Congress until he was gone. As Pelosi would be in her 80’s I doubt she’d run, in the 2020 election, even though she’d already be sitting in the Oval Office as the President.

A President Pelosi, however, could get much done in that year. All she’d have to do is overturn all the Executive Orders, that Trump passed during his term. She’d not have to try to get Congress to do anything, because the GOP Senate would stonewall any bill or issue, she tried to get them to pass. So why bother. This scenario would be off the scale in terms of being historic, and if it did happen, it would once again prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

OK, now a reality check. The odds of the GOP Senate voting to boot Trump out of the Presidency is not great, unless they develop some integrity and a “spine”, which I’ve not seen since Trump started running for President back in 2015. The odds of that same GOP Senate voting to boot out both Trump and VP Pence so that the Democrat Pelosi could become President, even if for only a year, is non-existent.

So, Democrats don’t pop the champagne corks yet, because more likely, only the House will vote for the impeachment of President Trump. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already said, that he’ll stop the impeachment. Well, so much for the GOP, having any integrity in dealing with this issue. No matter what is found, he said he’ll stop the impeachment. I’d like to hope that some of the other GOP Senators would speak out against him on taking that attitude, as Utah Senator Mitt Romney has. If there is real compelling evidence that Trump did violate Federal Law, the GOP controlled Senate should do the right thing for the nation, even if it isn’t the best thing for their party. Sadly, the odds are not great that this would happen.

I simply want know The Truth about this Ukraine issue. If Trump indeed did violate Federal Law he should be impeached. If, on the other hand, he didn’t violate that Federal Law, then let’s move on and drop it.

I also want a total investigation on Joe Biden and his son Hunter, as well as the adult Trump kids, to ensure that none of them violated Federal Law. I want all of this, including the impeachment issue completed, with the results shared with the American public well before the 2020 election, so that We the People can make informed decisions as to whom to vote for on election day 2020.

This election is shaping up to be another historic event. Both the GOP and the Democrats may end up with different candidates running by time we get to November 2020. Stay tuned. The soap opera continues.

Mike Cannatelli’s column appears every other week in the print edition of the Avon Grove Sun and Kennett News.

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