This story originally appeared in both movie and as a play on Broadway is spoof a based on gangsters and other unsavory characters who cheat and manipulate people. The audience is supposed to find the characters “loveable”. When the play was written the times were less complicated so their dishonesty was amusing at that time.

Typical of the era in which the play was written it was packed with performances by an excellent chorus line which has numerous appearances and many costume changes, the stage was cleverly adapted so that sliding panels in the background made for unobtrusive entrances by the actors.

Music had one particularly charming number about a mouse which fell into a pot of cream. Excellent solos were performed by gangsters Frank Abagnale Jr. (Joe Canuso) and Frank Abagnale, Jr.(Paul McElwee). The show stopping number “Fly,Fly,Away” by Brenda Stron (Hannah Mehl) playing the part of the innocent girl friend of the gangster Frank Abagnale Jr. wowed the audience with her bell like tones and perfect enunciated.

The show with dinner runs through October 20, 2019. For tickets phone 302-475-2313.

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