From the spirited opening in the decadent Kit-Kat Klub to the emotional ending of “Cabaret” the audience is transfixed. To be fair, many of the audience were of the age to personally remember the horrors of World War II and this is the story of Berlin, Germany and the rise of Hitler.

The whole tone of the play is given brilliantly and with by the Emcee (perfectly played byDann Dunn) in the role that made Joel Gray famous.

Belin in the 1930’s was a hot bed of ghastly events including bribery, murder, prostitution, money laundering, and mass incarceration of the Jews all openly discussed at the Kit Kat Klub.

While all of this was going on the patrons and employees of the club were intent on participating and enjoying the extremes and ignoring the direction it was leading the country. There were several “love affairs” inter twined throughout the play-each ending “unsatisfactorily”.

Throughout the show with its very sobering theme were numerous outstanding musical numbers which became famous such as “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” “Perfectly Marvelous”, “Cabaret” The hopeful “Maybe This Time” sung by Mackenzie Newbury as Sally Bowles, the menacing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” by the cast, “If You Could See Her” by Dann Dunn as (Emcee) “Married” by Fraulein Schneider (Sophie Jones) and closing with a heartbreaking rendition of “Cabaret” by (Mackenzie Newbury (Sally Bowles)

The Kit Kat boys and girls are very professional performing traditional bar room sexy routines and moves involving cart wheel and splits without hitting each other on the small stage.

The 6 man orchestra was located above the stage behind a wall and managed to play with just the right amount of volume and did not drown out the singers.

One feature which added a lot to the show was the excellent German account used by many of the actors. It was natural and not at all over exaggerated.

The diner before the show was excellent as always. The “sold out” opening night audience was very enthusiastic.

The show runs through Feb. 23, 2020, phone 302-475-2373. If you have never been to the Candlelight Theatre this would be a good time to go. I think this is one of their finest productions and should not be missed but don’t bring children.

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