I have lived in Kennett Square since 1995 and it is the town that I call home. I have watched the traffic increase over the years and the number of large trucks that make their way along our narrow, curvy, country roads.

I have watched in disbelief when an 18-wheeler coming out of West Chester attempted a right turn onto the stone bridge at the Brandywine Picnic park. I know for certain why that bridge is currently closed for repairs. After many attempts and a backlog of traffic, the truck continued along Creek Road to Route 926.

Today while making my way from Hockessin, DE, into Kennett on Route 82, I once again had to shake my head in disbelief and lament that large trucks are permitted through downtown Kennett. A Trans West truck was driving north on West Cypress and made a left onto Route 82.

The truck was so large that it expected a pickup truck to navigate out of its way. The pickup truck in the path of the 18-wheeler drove up onto the sidewalk and overturned a large planter that is used to beautify our town. There was no other option because there was a line of cars behind him.

As I waited through two green lights while the truck made the turn, I sat at the light and took pictures. The pictures tell the story.

Amusingly, the truck continued along route 82 and made a right onto Route 1. Obviously, the trunk driver did not know that if he just continued on East Cyprus, the road would merge into Route 1.

As I work in my front yard, I bemoan the sound of the large trucks rambling down route 1 and the unpleasant noise they send my way. I know that the residents want supplies and goods in the stores of Kennett and New Garden but we should have a weight and length limit for those vehicles who are traveling though the borough.

Truck routes should be posted to avoid incidents like the one that I observed today.

Joann Pfeifer
Kennett Square
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