Better than Bacon

Managing Members of Better Than Bacon Improv Lauren Henry and Bob Curran are joined by Su Spina Assistant Director Kennett Flash ( far right) present a check for $1000 to Megan Walters Executive Director and Lupe Ruiz Administrative Assistant The Kennett Library following their sold out August show at The Kennett Flash for the Library's Literacy Program.

KENNETT SQUARE—Back in late 2017 Chester County's comedy Improv troupe , Better Than Bacon, decided they enjoyed performing their craft so much the wanted to share that joy with local non profits .

They initiated Bacon Gives Back performances in partnership with local venues ( The Kennett Flash Entertainment Center, Uptown Knauer Performance Arts Center) to donate ticket sales to non profit agencies in the area.

Since the first show in November 2017 and with the support of fans, donors, and a few opening acts, Better Than Bacon has donated $14,000 to local non profits in Chester County.

" It is a triple win for the organizations, the venues, and we get to make people laugh", says Lauren Henry, Director of Better Than Bacon.

The Bacon Gives Back program will continue with currently two additional performances in 2019 ( October & November) designated as Bacon Gives Back performances.

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