The Kennett Run takes place May 11 this year.

Kennett Run and Problem Solving

Is there really a connection?


Kennett Run and Problem Solving

Unexpected but Real Bedfellows

Over the last 10 years, the editors of this paper have graciously run articles to promote the Kennett Run. Ninety percent of these articles were written with two primary focuses; 1) to make readers, especially potential runners in the greater Kennett area (& hopefully the southern Chester County and Northern Delaware areas) aware of Kennett Run and more specifically to prompt them to sign up to run the race and 2) to remind everyone in the community about this fun event, which is the first big outdoor spring party.

This time I would like to share some behind-the-scenes information about the Race, or more appropriately about the Kennett Run Charities (KRC), which I hope many will find interesting.

If you previously have read articles on the Run, by now you know it was started by several local service organizations as a way to raise money to support their non-profit funding ambitions. Over the years it evolved and grew into a Race with the goals of raising money for non-profits, showcasing the Kennett Community and launching a (rather The) fun spring party.

Although all three of these goals are still important, the primary goal of the Run was and still remains to raise money for deserving non-profits. The vast majority of the funds raised does not come from the registration fees paid by the runners. No, the funds come from the very generous donations of our sponsors. The Run’s website shows that today over 30 organizations/businesses have graciously agreed to sponsor the Run.

Why have so many local entities agreed to sponsor the Run? We hope it is because they know that Kennett Run’s Charities Board each year goes through a comprehensive process to select those nonprofits in our region, which have the greatest need for funds and allocates an appropriate share to each.

The board does this by requiring each non-profit requesting financial assistance to submit an overview of its general mission, information detailing its budget(s), and a list the specific needs targeted for the requested funds. Additionally, typically at least one and normally many board members are aware of the good works being done by each requesting nonprofit.

After a rigorous debate, the funds raised each year are divided among the deserving nonprofits. Following this process, last year Kennett Run Charities financially supported over 40 regional nonprofits. A list of the nonprofits which received financial support can be found on the Kennett Run Charities website ( This is also where you go to register for this year’s race.

Most businesses/entities in our community have neither the time nor the bandwidth to evaluate the competing needs of the vast group of nonprofits serving our less fortunate neighbors. We do. In fact, this is one of the services we pride ourselves on doing well. As a sponsor supporting the race, you could view KRC as your mutual fund for helping the community. A place where you invest each year knowing that others will put your funds where they’ll do the most good.

Then there are the runners. As a Race participant, after you get your race shirt, take a minute to look at the back of the shirt. Listed on the back are our sponsors, the companies that support the Run. They are not obligated to offer their financial support but nevertheless they give this support. Next time you’re undecided as to which business/organization to use or support, remember these companies.

As one can see, Kennett Run Charities is really a problem solving organization. If you’re a nonprofit looking for financial assistance, Kennett Run Charities may be able to help. If you’re a business or organization with the problem of determining how best to help our local community, Kennett Run Charities is your answer. And finally if you’re purchasing a good or service and you can’t decide where to shop, going to a Kennett Run Charities sponsor solves your problem.

Kennett Run Charities has been working for 30 years to support Greater Kennett and the surrounding communities. With your help, 30 years from now we’ll still be providing this same service.

To all Run sponsors, runners and volunteers, thank you. The Kennett Run takes place May 11 this year.

David Chopko is a board member at Kennett Run Charities.
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