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Jill (Heck) Mattioni, a 2004 Unionville High School graduate has been the beneficiary of both an undergraduate and post graduate educational Alma Newlin scholarship.

The Health and Welfare Foundation of SCC manages the Alma Newlin Educational Fund and are pleased to highlight how this fund is helping to contribute to the outstanding health care professionals in our area through one of their recipients, Dr. Jillian Mattioni.

The Alma Newlin Scholarship was established in the Fall of 1990 through a bequest from Ms Alma Newlin, a long-time resident of Kennett Square, PA. The sole purpose of this fund is to encourage and assist high school students, graduates and returning students from the southern Chester County area to be prepared for and to gain employment in medical or healthcare related endeavors.

Jill (Heck) Mattioni, a 2004 Unionville High School graduate has been the beneficiary of both an undergraduate and post graduate educational Alma Newlin scholarship. Jill is a bright example of the hope that Alma Newlin expressed through her bequest. Jill will be starting as an ENT physician at Chester County Otolaryngology and Allergy Associates this month. She will be one of five physicians/surgeons that will cover their offices in Kennett, West Grove, West Chester, Coatesville and Exton.

Eligibility to apply for scholarships from the Alma Newlin Educational Fund is determined by the following criteria:

• Successful completion of high school or G.E.D. Program

• Demonstrated intent of applicant to further his or her education to prepare for and to gain employment in a HUMAN medical or healthcare field

• Record of academic excellence

• Residency in the geographic area served by Avon Grove, Kennett, Octorara, Oxford and Unionville-Chadds Ford School Districts

A Selection Committee reviews the scholarship applications, and financial grants from $2,000 to $5,000 are awarded. Jill received high awards both times and demonstrated active volunteering at Jennersville Hospital and AI Dupont Hospital for Children. Her sports activities of swimming, track, lacrosse and soccer, also added to her profile.

Jill then attended the honors college at Penn State where she received a degree in Kinesiology. She also swam on the varsity team and they won the Big Ten Championships while she was there. Throughout college and immediately following she explored the vast avenues of medicine. She volunteered at AI Dupont Hospital for Children in which she also helped in a medical research project. Additionally, she lived with a host family and spent an extended period of time volunteering at a medical clinic in Ecuador.

After graduation, she worked at the Chester County Health Department in the Chronic Disease Intervention Program. With this interesting and broad exposure to the medical field, Jill decided to enter medical school. She was drawn to ENT for several reasons – the complex anatomy, her father having hearing issues and according to her, most importantly, the opportunity to surgically correct a patient’s ailment but also have continuity of care in the office.

This past July, Jill completed the long road of doctoral residency in Otolaryngology & Facial Plastics at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She was voted the “Outstanding Resident of 2019” by her colleagues.

Recommendations that Jill gives to high school students applying for the Alma Newlin scholarship is to first be sure you want to work in a profession that is holistically caring for people. Secondly, leave options open to explore where your talents and special interest may lie. Volunteer in the medical field to gain understanding of how things work and how you relate.

Jill reflects that the pendulum swing from logistics and profit seems to be returning back to a healthcare field, where caring for the patient is the first priority. She is looking forward to putting into practice the many years of preparation and working with her colleagues to provide patient-centered health care.

Jill lives in the borough of Kennett Square with her husband, Mike and their 2-year-old son, Kai and their 5-month-old daughter, Lena. She appreciates the endless support and encouragement from her husband and also the childcare assistance from the grandparents, who live in the area. This support system helps make it work.

As a special bonus to the Alma Newlin story, Jill recently was seeing a patient in the emergency room in Philadelphia where she recognized one of the ER physicians as one of her classmates from Unionville High School. He was a student, who also received an Alma Newlin scholarship in 2004! This certainly is a celebration of Alma Newlin’s dream.

Note: Jill (Heck) Mattioni, D.O. has agreed to serve on the Scholarship Selection Committee this next year.

The Story of Kennett: Shaping Our Future One Child at a Time by Joan Holliday and Bob George may be purchased on Amazon; at the Kennett Resale Book Shoppe or The Mushroom Cap. Contact Joan Holliday at: Alma Newlin Applications:
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