KENNETT SQUARE – Next month Kacie's Cause and First Baptist Church of Kennett Square will hold a three-day conference that looks at the role of faith, hope and love in recovery from chemical dependency.

"Help for today ... hope for tomorrow" will be held Oct. 18-20 at First Baptist Church. The cost is $10, and includes lunch and refreshments on Saturday.

The conference is for anyone whose world has been touched by addiction in some way. If you struggle with substance use disorder, you may feel guilt, shame, hopelessness, and failure. No matter how hard you try, it seems difficult to get ahead and remain free of chemical dependency.

If you are walking alongside someone struggling with this disease, you may be afraid, angry, and disappointed, and questioning what could or should have been done to prevent chemical dependency from taking hold.

But there is help … and hope.

The conference facilitator will be the Rev. Donald G. Coombs, Jr., Ed.D., an experienced educator and counselor specializing in addictions and associated disorders. Rev. Coombs will share what he has learned through education and experience working with those struggling with substance use disorder. His goals are that people would find help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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