Under the leadership of Fagg's Manor Presbyterian Church in Cochranville, 15 local residents including Dave Brown went to Slidell, Mississippi to assist in the cleanup efforts in the aftermath of the recent wave of hurricanes that pounded regions of the Gulf Coast.

Confessing that what she desires is often not what she needs, Doris Oranzi has learned to value people more than things.

Nancy Farrow doesn't usually feel comfortable around strangers, spending an entire week with them seemed daunting. As she helped dump belongings that held childhood memories, it was the "little gifts" she affectionately treasures most. Gifts such as the beauty of a smiling face, hopeful words, and encouragement from people who lost everything and still believe in the love of God and others.

Mark Cole quickly learned the importance of flexibility and claims that what you see in others reveals who you really are.

Brown and the others used vacation time and traveled at their own expense. They report receiving tremendous support from the staff, students and residents.

The real work began in developing a servant attitude toward everyone, said Brown. He added that they all found it very humbling to work alongside of people who lost everything and still demonstrated grace, humor and kindness while you helped them shovel their life-long possessions into a heap of rubble in the middle of the street.

Becky Taylor went on the trip expecting to serve and found that she received so much more than what she gave.

The group learned about more than fellowship as they began their trip by piling 15 people into a 12-passenger van.

They also learned that it's not a bad idea to house the men next to a roomful of deodorant, you don't need a kitchen to cook up a classic dinner of Gumbo or Jambalaya, and when the bathroom is only separated from the kitchen with a tarp, running water can cover a multitude of sounds; but that's not all.

And they learned first hand that faith really does burn brighter when it's dark.

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