Marsha Wagner knows how important wishes are to children.The Little Britain Township woman's 6-year-old adopted daughter Harley, who had multiple disabilities, had a wish for a room makeover through the Make-A-Wish Foundation but died before it could be granted.

"She spent so much time in her room," said Wagner, who also had planned to take her on a cruise to Disneyworld. "She had so much medical equipment in her room."

Wagner's father Keith, a truck driver for D.L. Landis, drove for the first time in the Make-A-Wish Mother's Day Convoy in Lancaster last year in memory of his granddaughter.

The convoy is a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in which truck drivers drive Susquehanna Valley "wish kids" from the Burle Business Park onto New Holland Avenue and then on Route 30 on Mother's Day.

This year, Wagner's 8-year-old daughter Karolyn, whom she adopted two years ago, will ride with her grandfather. Karolyn, who has autism, mental retardation and a genetic disorder, currently has a wish for a handicap accessible playground that is being processed through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

To help raise money for Keith Wagner's drive this year, a yard sale and bake sale is being planned for 8 a.m. Saturday, April 5 in the Rite Aid parking lot in Quarryville.

The fundraiser is being coordinated by Wager, her two sisters Tonya and Debbie Wagner, who are both foster parents to special needs children, sister Jennifer, their brother Bryan and his fiance Deidre Howett and their mother Wanda. Julie Walton of New Providence is also helping to organize the sale.

"Everyone has stuff to get rid of and there's people who can't have yearly yard sales," said Wagner. "We decided on a bake sale because we know so many people who like to bake."

The Wagners are asking for donations for the yard sale. A trailer will be set up at their house on Ashville Road where people can drop off items but they will also make arrangements to pick up items.

"We're asking people from the community to donate what they can," said Wagner.

The 1994 Solanco High School graduate who works as a licensed practical nurse for Links 2 Care in Lancaster told her mother that if she got to be a certain age and still wasn't married with any children of her own that she wanted to become a foster parent.

So she took courses to become one and was on a waiting list for six months and didn't get one call. She then put her name on a list to adopt. The day she put her name on the list at Bethanna, a foster care agency in Lancaster, she got a call.

"She said 'mom, I found my little girl,' "said her mother Wanda, referring to Harley.

Being an LPN, Wagner said she knew she could handle the medical aspect of being the parent of a special needs child.

Wagners sister Tonya was not allowed to watch her children unless she took foster classes so she did, and now she has a foster daughter and Christine, whom she adopted.

The Wagner's other sister Debbie has a 6-month-old foster daughter named Isabella who has chronic lung disease.

In all, the sisters have seven children that they're fostering and/or have adopted for a total of 15 children over the years.

"Legally, we're limited to six children under 18 in a home," said Marsha, who lives with her sister Debbie.

All of the children they've fostered or adopted over the years have delays with social skills and have physical and occupational handicaps.

For more information on the yard and bake sale, call Marsha at 529-6033, Wanda at 529-6735 or 464-2200.

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