Editor:It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Tom Houghton, therefore, stands to feel very flattered, and has apparently found a fan in Betsy Huber.

Ms. Huber who recently announced her candidacy for State Representative of the 13th district is running on a platform that is an exact replica of Tom Houghton's 2006 platform when he ran for the same seat against Art Hershey and very nearly succeeded.

Surely, Ms. Huber is aware that adopting Tom's ideas may be dangerous. When he ran on that platform in 2006, he was viciously attacked by the State Republican Party and incumbent Art Hershey. Betsy Huber herself sent a letter out to all of her fellow Upper Oxford residents opposing Tom Houghton and his platform.

'Amending the MPC to weaken the developers grip on Harrisburg:' This was lifted directly from Tom's 2006 website and his direct mail campaign. As Art's 10-year legislative assistant, Ms. Huber is probably most aware that he was the only candidate in 2006 that took campaign contributions from developers!

Managed growth: when Tom advocated managed growth in his '06 campaign, he was accused of being the cause of a development explosion that began in the early 1990's, a full decade before he became a Supervisor for London Grove Township.

Betsy is now espousing the ideals and values that Tom has long championed for his Township: managed growth, farmland preservation, better roads, lower property taxes and a cleaner environment. What is the risk to voters of such a blatant switch in Ms. Huber's political strategy? That Ms. Huber will hijack Tom's platform, call it her own, and sway the voters to support her while maintaining the status quo.

When Ms. Huber herself criticized Tom's platform in '06, how sincere could she be in fighting these causes? Don't vote for an imitation: support the real deal!

Richard Nair, Republican

London Grove

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