Pennsbury Township's board of supervisors are right to appeal Judge Gavin's ruling that Supervisor Wendell Fenton may not exercise the commission of his office because he is "biased" against Pennsbury Village Associates. Nowhere in Judge Gavin's decision is it stated that Wendell Fenton broke any laws. The decision is about how Mr. Fenton might vote and not how he will vote on PVA matters. In fact, not one vote of Supervisor Fenton has resulted in a detriment to PVA. He recently voted to approve the sewage module for Pennsbury Village, whereas Supervisor Wood voted against it. To drum up opposition, former Supervisor MaryAnna Ralph has circulated an e-mail that adds headings to segments of Judge Gavin's decision to make it appear that laws were broken by Fenton, e.g., "Breach of Contract," whereas, there has been no court decision to justify such a heading. That e-mail skews the facts and appears to be a systematic political scheme to undermine the current Board of Supervisors.We voters overwhelmingly elected Mr. Fenton to office, knowing full well his opinions involving certain controversial township issues. Mr. Fenton's opponent's opinions were well known also. That is why we elected Mr. Fenton rather than his opponent.

To allow Judge Gavin's ruling to stand without appeal is to deny us our right to representative government. We may as well abolish the township's Board of Supervisors entirely and acquiesce to the benign dictatorship of Chester County's supposedly unbiased Bar Association members, most with ties to developers and many to this particular developer. But we do not acquiesce in this attempt to deprive us of our right to representative government. We support the supervisors' decision to appeal the ruling.

Eileen Mallouk Bob Dodge Patrick Barron Pennsbury Township

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