Editor After reading Bill Rudick's column in the Sept. 11 issue of the Solanco Sun Ledger I thought I should send you a letter in response. I do not expect Mr. Rudick to read this letter, because he made it very clear in his column that facts he is not able to twist to meet his own agenda is not worthy of his time. Nonetheless, I thought I would try to get Mr. Rudick to step out of his comfort zone into a place where things like truth and reality exist.I simply wanted to address some of the things in his column and point out just how absurd they really are. Rudick began the second paragraph by pointing out how "scary" it was that Sarah Palin has suddenly become the "savior of the party."

I found it interesting that Rudick would bring that subject up considering that just yesterday Democrats on the House floor were comparing Barack Obama to Jesus. I could be wrong, but I can't remember a time when Jesus voted to allow doctors to kill babies AFTER they had been born.

Mr. Rudick then very effectively transitioned into how he couldn't wait to see Governor Palin made fun of on Saturday Night Live. I also found it interesting that he would mention that considering "news anchors" Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were recently mocked on that very show because of the fact that they can't seem to keep from having little tingles run up their legs every time they hear their "messiah" speak.

Rudick ended that paragraph by saying "All she's done so far is to do a really good job reading a teleprompter."

Truth is, and I know truth is a foreign word to Mr. Rudick, that Sarah's teleprompter went down and she recited most of her speech from memory. In contrast, when your candidate's VP selection goes off the teleprompter he asks men in wheelchairs to stand up and wave to the crowd.

I also found it interesting that he brought up the idea that Sarah Palin supported the "Bridge to Nowhere" before opposing it. While she may have flip-flopped on that, the fact is she opposed it in the end and stopped it. If you want to talk about flip-flops, I could include a list of things Obama has flip-flopped on, but I doubt Mr. Rudick's computer could handle a file of that magnitude. The "Bridge to Nowhere," however, was one of the few subjects that Obama and Biden never changed their position on. In fact, they both voted for the bridge, and when the opportunity presented itself to cancel the bridge and instead use the funds to help Hurricane Katrina victims they both voted once again to keep the bridge.

Also, since Rudick thinks Sarah has been so effective at ripping off the taxpayers' money, maybe he could explain to me why her approval rating in the state she governs is over 80 percent. Certainly, you might respond to that by instead explaining to me that George Bush's approval rating is only 28 percent. He won't however, because he knows that I would then have to point out to you that the approval rating of the Democratic Congress is a whop-ping 9 percent.

I believe Rudick is correct when he says that is the party that will bring us "actual change." Socialism would be a pretty big change from the freedoms we all enjoy now.

You know, freedoms like amendments that allow me to "cling to God and my guns" and allow newspapers to print the lies people like your Mr. Rudick try to make other people believe.

Micah Palmatier

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