I am writing regarding the value of quiet in London Grove Township. It is often taken for granted yet it greatly enhances our lives by providing peace and relaxation.Residents who choose to contract with professional lawn mowing companies may not be aware that these crew members are operating high-volume leaf-blowers (and equally high-volume weed whackers) on their properties on a daily basis in our neighborhoods, seven days a week, at all hours of the day and night. Neighboring residents simply cannot enjoy the peace of being outdoors, as they should be able to in our rural residential communities, while these high-volume motors are operating.

Remember that rural municipalities such as London Grove Township are one of the few places a family can choose to live to experience the proven physical, mental and emotional health benefits that a quiet environment offers. Please help residents of the township preserve this quality of life by asking your professional lawn mowing crew-if you need to use one-to refrain from running leaf-blowers and other unnecessary power tools of equally high-volume on a regular basis on your property.

They will save in unnecessary expenses, and we will all gain from the return of quiet to our neighborhoods.

Heather Rose

London Grove Township

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