Kennett students brilliant in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

KENNETT SQUARE >> Kennett High School had four sold out performances for their rip roaring show of “Beauty and the Beast” last weekend. The actors not only sang and performed well, they did it with such lighthearted joy. it was filled with outstanding diction and emotion directed by Music Director Katie Soukup and deft touches by Stage Director and Choreographer Cindy Albertini. There was also a lot of talent on stage. Olivia Pagliaro has a clear, lovely voice that was perfection for the part of Belle, imprisoned in the castle of the Beast. The somewhat rougher voice of Alex Mark as the Beast was well done with his transformation into a “good “guy” done seamlessly.

The inhabitants of the castle were charmers, such as Aubrie Barnett as Mrs. Potts, the tea pot, Danny Drennan as Lumiere the lamp, Jimmy Rosser as Cogsworth, the verbose clock, and Lillian Alba as Babette. Sami Castleton as Madame de la Grande Bouche and Tamblyn Mitchell as Chip were memorable in their roles with such striking costumes. The Silly Girls were beautifully done by Pearl Battalora, Abbie Duckworth, Becca Shoemaker and Alie Weldon. They were the perfect accent to the egotistical Gaston, played by Austin Maxwell, with his abused aide LeFou, done by Ben Skross. Colin Petersen as Maurice, Belle’s eccentric father and inventor,Diane Brunke as Madame D’Arque and Duncan Smith doing the Voice-Over — all were excellent.

For such a romantic story, this was a very fast paced show with characters changing from one role to another. As a result the entire group is listed as “ensemble,” so here they are. They deserve more attention than this, as the pace never slowed.

Some of those on stage who should be mentioned are Lieans Alfonso, Samantha Anthony, Megan Appleby, Camille Avedisian, Kassandra Ayllon, Amanda Bell, Grace Bolton, Langdon Braden, Madison Brown, Casey Bruno, Kamryn Bunker, Francesca Caccamo, Avery Chapman, Hannah Church, Heather Cooper, and Gabrielle Crowl. Others adding to the enjoyment were Kaitlyn Devonshire, Olivia Donia, Claire Duckworth, Erin Duffy, Zhuanel du Toit, Kevin Fiss, Emily Funkhouser, Jennifer Gau and River Gheen-Regouski. Another group is Emma Giancola, Holly Gouge, Allie Hall, Lauren He, Anais Jevtitch, Connor Lang, Peter Magasiny, Emily Mallon, Cassidy Matz, Maddy McFarland, Gabby Mento, Hannah Mourad, DylanMunson and Beatrice Murray. The other large group is Natakie Nellius, Suju Park, Caleb Pebly, Lydia Pebly, Laurel Petersen, Mirella Petrillo, Liz Rauscher, Alicia Rohrer, Maggie Schubert, Julia Sharp, Evan Shinn, Annya Shivakumar, Sydney Shumaker, Morgan Slaninko, Arielle Smith, Samantha Sullivan, Kate Taylor, Emily Thompson, Damian Whyte, Anna Wilson, Jenny Zavala and Candy Zern.

This show was so much fun to watch, it made me sorry I did not have memories of my own high school plays as outstanding. This was a real community affair as other helpers, whether stage crew, set builders or whatever, added over 60 more people who helped. I just cannot wait until next year!

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