Kennett residents unite to solve road problem

Photo by Matt Freeman Ways Lane in Kennett Township is unsafe and residents who live along the road came up with a unique solution.

Right now, Ways Lane is a deteriorating mess, full of potholes that drivers have to dodge like slalom racers, the roadway's asphalt crumbling where there's paving at all.

The road is in Kennett Township--it runs from Cypress Street to Walnut Street in the borough--but it's not a township road. Nobody has the responsiblity to maintain it. The post office stopped delivering mail there a year ago, and emergency responders are concerned about access in the area.

That's why the township supervisors organized a special meeting of area property owners on November 16 to talk about ways forward for Ways Lane.

Allan Falcoff said township officials had looked into the problem in 2007 and found it would cost $3 million to put in a new roadway and public sewer, and would cost more today. He said the township had applied for a $100,000 state grant to look at different options such has having the township take over the road and get grant money to improve it.

In the long run, he said, an upgrade to the road would make development there more attractive and raise property values. Falcoff said he wanted to see progress even though he had lost the recent election and would be leaving office.

"I'd like to get this project going," Falcoff said. "I don't want this thing to die."

Approximately 30 property owners attended the meeting, and one of the first people to speak offered a short-term solution. Mario DiLiberto, president of Delaware Valley Concrete, said one of the company's factories was on Ways Lane, and he wanted to repave the road in front of the factory and some of the adjoining areas.

DiLiberto said he hoped other resideents would cooperate, and offered them concrete at cost if they wanted to repave the road in front of their own properties.

Lou Caputo, who rents a mushroom farm and owns property in the area, said he would be willing to work with the concrete company because the road was hazardous to his trucks.

At the end of the meeting, the residents signed a contact sheet to stay in touch about the repaving project, which could begin as soon as next spring.

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