Despite dwindling supplies countywide, the Kennett Consolidated School District has just received 2,400 doses of the H1N1 vaccine.

At Monday night's regular board meeting, superintendent Rudy Karkosak said that vaccine was unexpectedly delivered late last Friday afternoon and is now sitting isolated in a refrigerator at Kennett Middle School.

Karkosak said that due to regulations, the vaccine is available only to district staff and to students currently enrolled in school.

"According to the state, we can give the vaccine to our students," Karkosak said. "It can't be a student from St. Pat's or from some other [district]."

The vaccine also cannot be given to siblings of students that are not currently enrolled in Kennett schools.

Karkosak said that the district is still working with Chester County Health Department to possibly loosen some of those restrictions, but that he cannot act outside those limitations until receiving permission.

The vaccine will be distributed to students on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at Kennett Middle School from 2:30 to 6 p.m. on a first come-first served basis.

The vaccine is in shot form and not the nasal spray that has been distributed in other areas, Karkosak said.

Any student below ninth grade must come with a parent. High school students may come alone provided that they have a signed note from their parents.

Karkosak said that things are happening quickly and the district is enlisting many staff members to help distribute the vaccine rapidly.

He added that when the district made its request for the vaccine, they asked for 4,200 to cover the entire student population and that they may still receive the remaining 1,800 doses.

The vaccine will be distributed to students first on Dec. 15 and then will be made available to staff members.

Karkosak added the in conversations he'd had with administrators in other districts that have distributed the vaccine under similar circumstances had low attendance numbers.

"There are a large number of persons who are not taking the vaccine for various reasons," he said.

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