Coatesville School District administrators participated in an emergency management seminar July 23, during which officials learned more about handling crises, like a bomb threat, fire or tornado.The course, taught by county emergency officials, gave principals, department heads and other staff and opportunity to look at the district's plans for handling emergencies.

The training on incident command systems provides an efficient way for schools and emergency crews to work together in a crisis, according to district spokeswoman Kim Stefanski.

"While most emergency situations are handled locally, when there's a major incident help may be needed from other jurisdictions, the state or federal government," Stefanski said in a prepared statement.

The National Incident Management System provides a nationwide template for all agencies to work together in an emergency.

In the fall, the district administrators will gather to evaluate the district's emergency management plan and consider possible amendments.

"We will regroup and discuss how to make this work for us," said Safety Director Ray Conlin.

Conlin said one area the district can improve on is communing an emergency.

"What we haven't done as well as we can is communicate between schools and outside the district," Conlin said.

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