The Chadds Ford Planning Commission reexamined two plans already approved, but a third land use plan for a significant corner in the township remains in limbo.

Plans for the Chadds Ford Inn property keep changing, said township building inspector Richard Jensen, and that is at least part of the reason there's been no township action for approving the renovation and reopening of the restaurant.

Joe Grace bought the Chadds Ford Inn property, along with the Wooden Knob and an antique shop last year. He soon closed the restaurant for renovations, and that's where things stand a year later.

Grace has sent to the township several sketch plans and designs since the purchase, but, according to Jensen, the plans keep changing.

To exemplify the matter, Jensen said a full set of plans arrived at the township building the week prior to the March 8 Planning Commission meeting, but another plan was sent to the township engineer two days before the meeting.

Planning Commission Chairman Bill Taylor said the changes are the biggest reason for the delay.

"Joe hasn't said 'This is the plan.' He has said it, but then keeps changing them," said Taylor.

Another factor is getting plans in on time. Even the plans received by the Planning Commission, plans dated Feb. 28, arrived too late for a formal review at the March 8 meeting. Plans need to be in 10 prior. The plans received by the engineer were dated March 3.

The question as to when the inn might reopen remains unclear, as does when the plans will get to the Board of Supervisors for formal consideration and final approval.

Jensen said it's possible the board could hear the matter in May, but only "If Joe gets all his ducks lined up."

Before the board can hear the matter, however, the Planning Commission must receive, review and recommend for approval a final land use plan. That recommendation would need to happen during the commission's April 12 meeting.

During the informal review last week, attorney Mike Lyons, representing Grace, said the plans improve the property with added landscaping, more parking and improved safety with a direct access to Creek Road.

For direct access to Creek Road via a driveway from the parking area, additional approvals -- from the township Zoning Hearing Board and from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation -- are needed.

@hedc:Other business

@bod:Before the informal review of the inn plans, commission members reviewed a modification to plans for the expansion of Olde Ridge Village, the shopping center at Route 202 and Ridge Road.

Plans were approved two years ago, but Parkside Associates, is now removing one of the planned 5,800 square foot restaurant pads with a two-story Ethan Allen furniture store.

Members also again recommended approving plans for Ridge Associates, a 28-home residential development planned for Ridge Road between the Ridings and Route 202.

The plans came under review of the new township engineer, Joe Mastronaro of Penoni Associates, who said there needed to be some minor housekeeping changes to the paperwork.

It was also recommended, and agreed to, that two homes bordered by the two streets in the development (Alexandra and Meredith courts) have their access restricted via only Meredith Court.

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