Inmate smuggles heroin into Chester County Prison

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Jarrett Mason for smuggling heroin into Chester County Prison and distributing the heroin to another inmate.

“Desperate people do dangerous and dumb things,” Hogan said. “The scourge of heroin hits everywhere from streets to homes to prisons. This defendant just made a bad situation for himself much, much worse.”

Mason was originally arrested on drug charges in Phoenixville on July 15. Based on a review of video recordings, Mason managed to hide heroin in his hair when he was arrested. He was then committed to Chester County Prison.

On July 19, another inmate at the prison reported that Mason was distributing heroin in the prison. Mason was searched by correctional officers and the heroin was recovered. Mason had been hiding the heroin inside his body.

Mason has been charged with the felony offenses of furnishing contraband and drug dealing in a prison, as well as related charged.

The case was investigated by the Chester County Detectives and the Chester County Prison Intelligence Unit.

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