Officer Sean Gallagher was honored at the Borough Council meeting on Monday, July 21, for his heroics in a robbery that occurred on June 18, 2007 at the Citgo in Oxford.The Borough Council, several members of the Oxford Police Department and the community joined Mayor Geoff Henry and Chief John Slauch in presenting Gallagher with a Meritory Service Award.

"I just want to say thank you to our excellent police department for all the hard work that they do," said Mayor Henry. "I couldn't do what these gentlemen and ladies do everyday. They put their lives on the line every time they get into that police cruiser and make their rounds."

Last June, while Gallagher was on a routine drive-around, he noticed two men with their faces covered running across the parking lot of the Citgo gas station, located at 216 South Third Street in Oxford. He immediately turned his cruiser around and pulled into the parking lot where he saw the store clerk, Andy Patel, fighting with the gunmen.

"Without regard for his own life, Officer Gallagher ran into the gas station and disarmed the suspects," said Henry.

During the struggle one shot was fired, but no one was injured.

Fellow officers Coverly and Baylor were on the scene moments later to assist Gallagher in the arrests.

The two suspects have since been charged and sentenced to time in prison.

"Thanks to your [Gallagher's] duty and bravery, both men have been convicted and have been put away for a long time so they won't be hurting anybody again," said Henry.

Henry awarded Gallagher a plaque, a "key" to the Borough and a medal of honor-which Gallagher's father, Magisterial District Judge Vincent D. Gallagher, Jr., of Ridley Township, Delaware County, was on hand to proudly pin on his son's uniform.

"I want to thank my brothers and sisters in blue. You all go out there and do what I do every day," said Gallagher. "This is because of you, Sergeant," said Gallagher of his plaque to Detective Sergeant McFadden.

"No you guys-you, Coverly and Baylor-did a great job," said Det. Sgt. McFadden. "I'm just thankful that no one was killed."

Patel, owner and operator of the Citgo station, was also in attendance at the meeting to witness the presentation of Gallagher's award. Although he didn't want to comment on the event, he said he was very grateful that Officer Gallagher was around at the time of the crime and intervened.

"We are all so grateful to our police department for all of the great things they do everyday as well as their bravery and sense of duty," said Henry.

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