As you've said, this is a nation of questions, and, after your assertions, I've got plenty. This is a politically disconnected generation? A generation that doesn't care about what's happening in the world? Are you kidding me? What country do you live in, what generation do you belong to, who in God's name are you talking to? Have you not seen the waves of young people wearing Obama pins, Obama shirts or rises in voter registration in young people?This is the first "change" election since 1968 and the youth of America understand that. In the same way young people rose up in '68, the pollsters of today are coming to the occasion, dressed in swanky hats of political knowledge. In past elections, yes, the youth have been politically disconnected. Two rich white men running with two other rich white men. Sounds like something worth following every four years.

But, let's switch it up for once. Throw into the mix an African American man. Put him in the running against a ticket with a woman. What do you get? Some of the greatest political intrigue this country has ever seen. The elderly, thirty-some things, men, women, "children," all of them. A lack of connection with your own generation is the most blasphemous characteristic of a critic, especially one that has the audacity to make such ludicrous allegations.

When analysts at major news networks like CNN, NBC and CBS have special segments about "The Impact of the Youth" and ask questions like "Can a flood of new, young voters push a man into the White House?" The motivated youth, obviously a bunch that you have never had the benefit of meeting, will meet at the polls and fight for change in the best way they know how.

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