For the past three weeks, Holly Peters has been renovating the building at 109 South Broad Street that once housed Nesting Feathers and Harrington's Coffee - one block off State - to ready it for her extensive collection of fine oriental rugs.Although Peters began limited sales last weekend, she plans a grand opening sale in November. She said, "I suppose the gradual readying of this new location is like a flower opening." It seemed more like a bouquet, first with the demolition of the rough Nesting Feathers interior booths, then came the refinished flooring, sheetrock walls, and fresh paint. Finally, her extensive collection of oriental rugs began arriving from storage, and voila, a metamorphosis had occurred.

Peters describes her store as "not your garden variety rug store.

We offer a full-service oriental rug gallery." And what exactly does "full-service" mean? Peters said, "We offer complete cleaning, repair, restoration, installation and delivery services. In addition, we can provide in-home design consultations to assist in every aspect of a customer's creative process."

Peters said that her store is one of perhaps 15 galleries across the country offering similar service and product quality. She imports rugs from Tibet, Nepal, Turkey, Pakistan, India, and China, and all her rugs are hand-made from wool to make them long-lasting and soil resistant. She also specializes in Persian Gabbeh rugs made by nomadic sheepherders in southwestern Iran. The word Gabbeh means raw, natural, and uncut, and a Gabbeh carpet is courser and thicker - sometimes one-inch thick - than other Persian rugs.

In addition to her rugs, Peters also offers a unique line of furniture. She carries dining room chairs and tables as well as upholstered furniture. She describes the furniture as having a "South American look, sort of a European Colonial style."

The building renovations are not limited to the interior of the former Nesting Feathers space. Peters plans a face-lift for the outside of the building to make it more attractive from Broad Street and more visible from State Street. She also plans to keep and reopen the coffee shop on the first floor, which will have a limited food menu.

Although Peters' Web site has not been updated to account for her move from Chadds Ford, visiting it at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. will provide a prospective customer with a sense of her store's products and services. The store's phone number is 610-444-6032.

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