A resolution to the existing Oxford Borough skateboard ordinance will be advertised for adoption at a March meeting, and will be preceded by a public hearing where those affected are permitted to submit their feedback on the issue.The ordinance will be updated to include stricter enforcement by the Borough of Oxford Police Department (OPD), higher fines and safety requirements.

Under the resolution, the OPD would now have the right to confiscate skateboards for certain periods of time, depending on the record of the accused.

For a first offense, the Borough is proposing that a skateboard be impounded for a period no less than five days, and no more than 15 days total. If under the age of 18, the guardians of the accused skate-boarder will be contacted to pick up the board from the Borough.

For a second offense, the skateboard would be impounded for a period no less than 30 days, and the accused would face a $25 fine if sentenced. The same rules would apply as a first offence when retrieving a confiscated board.

These penalties would result as violations of the existing ordinance's rules of operation, which covers issues regarding unsafe actions, accidents and liability for negligence.

The Borough hopes that updating the existing ordinance with these rules will make the downtown central business district a safer place for pedestrians and automobile operators alike.

"We sympathize with skate-boarders, but we realize that we need to get tougher with the skateboarding issue in the Borough," said Councilman Andrew Atkinson.

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