Hammaker is employee of the month at Kennett Area YMCA

Kennett Square >> Sharon Hammaker, assistant teacher at the Montessori School at the Kennett Area YMCA, has been named employee of the month

“Sharon is a ray of sunshine in the Montessori classroom,” said Doug Nakashima, executive director of the Kennett Area YMCA “The Montessori students value her patience, extremely kind heart, and wonderful sense of humor. Preparing for the school day by dancing out wiggles and singing out the silliness with Ms. Sharon is something many of them look forward to every day. The Montessori staff members value Sharon’s consistency, dedication to creating a quality program, and support. Sharon is on time for every shift. During her shifts, she sets clear expectation and high (but achievable) goals for the students. Then, she guides the students towards those goals with unwavering patience, fairness, and kindness. That is no easy feat in a classroom of twenty busy 3-6 year olds! When a co-worker needs a shift covered, Sharon is always happy to help if her schedule allows. Recently, she even volunteered to come in on her day off and help with our first swim day.”

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