The guest editorial by Mr. Weigel in last week's KENNETT PAPER helps to point out the differences between those who support the $62.5 million Unionville High School project and those who do not. Mr. Weigel supports the project and equates the "$50 per month" cost of the project to "a few less rentals from Blockbuster and fewer lattes from Starbucks." Or in another comparison he intones "Look at it as one more monthly karate or dance lesson, because the amount of money involved here, on a monthly basis, is not likely to break the average working family's bank."This is one way to view the project and its cost. However, what's left unspoken is that $50 per month payment goes on for 20 years for a total of $12,000. I'm not sure about the guest editor's financial decision making process, but this family takes a $12,000 spending decision very seriously. Further, we don't frequent Starbucks and we're not the average working family. We do worry about two college tuition payments, medical insurance payments and retirement savings. Thus, we don't blindly follow the school board's recommendation. Critical questions about the educational value versus the high cost are asked. Lower cost alternatives are sought and evaluated.

Let me be clear - we agree the high school needs to be expanded and renovated. We just know there are better, lower cost alternatives that can deliver the same excellent education to our students. For that reason we will vote "no" on April 22.

Keith Knauss

East Marlborough Township

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